Promise is our special girl. She is working on completing her Grand Championship and then wants to retire to the bed in our house. She is the protector of all critters in our yard and will try her best to stop the other dogs from killing them.

Ch. Asgard Rose Garden








Ch. Halcyon Nicholas Nickleby



Asgard Miller Time


Ch. Centara Canicula Derondo

Ch. Charisma Tango

Ch. Centrar Canicula


Ch. Argenta’s Zoe Zezanna

Ban De Barbaria

Argenta’s Qlaudia



Ch. Flay-Goon’s Ronja Rovardotter


Casso’s Baldur

Ch. Asgard Halcyon Apollo

Mihan Ah-Lelia


Halcyon’s Greta Garbo

Ch. Carabella’s Noble Rogue

Ch. Flay-Goon’s Kajsa-Kavat








Asgard Oriana Zezanna



Ch. Startide Anakin Skywalker


Ch. Asgard Halcyon Apollo

Ch. Geistvoll Fafner

Ch. Asgard Olympia


Ch. Katahdin Ocean Pearl

Ch. Argenta’s Kavaljer Krona

Ch. Katahdin Jetty




Ch. Argenta’s Zoe Zezanna


Ban De Barbaria

Zando V Steinbtal

Arka De Barbaria


Argenta’s Qlaudia

Argenta’s Norton

Argenta’s Kimberly