Ch. Morgenwald’s Knockout V Skico



Ch. Sketchbook Tale of Adventure


Ch. Sketchbook Simon Says

Ch. Uhlan Lieutenant Kije

Ch. Frau Gretel V Friedalin


Ch. Sketchbook Storm Petrel

Ch. Sondergeist Capt. Sandbakkel

Ch. Sketchbook Kleine Gauner



Ch. Skico’s U R My Valentine


Ch. Morgenwald’s Izod

Ch. Skico’s Raffles V Morgenwald

Ch. Morgenwald’s Edelfrau Sarah


Ch. Ahrenfeld’s Sandpiper

Ch. Morgenwald’s Buccaneer

Ch. Ahrenfeld’s Audi Fox








Ch. Patsch Come Blow Your Horn CGC



Ch. Truwick’s City Slicker


Ch. Edel Liebevoll’s Chippewa UD TD CGC

Ch. Liebevol Drambuie De Grille

Ch. Liebevoll’s Pfenning V Geld


Truwick’s Tome With Love

Ch. Graf V Hahlweg

Ch. Tru-Lov’s Messugina




Truwick’s Kiss The Boys Good Bye


Ch. Truwick Yards of Rough Burlap

Ch. Deepdale’s Diamond Head CD

Truwick’s Keynote Speaker


Turwick’s Xcuses Xcuses

Ch. Truwick’s No Time For Sargents

Truwick’s Utter Nonsense


Ch. Dinamyt's Bach In THe Saddle 

Rider was a wonderful boy out of Ch. Patsch Come Blow Your Horn. He was great at herding puppies to me. He loved chasing and killing critters in the yard and lived to the ripe old age of 14.