CH. Dinamyt's Ever Ready V Patsch







Ch. Patsch Any Time Any Place



Ch. Skico’s Raffles V Morgenwald


Ch. Grenadier V Hahlweg

Int. Ch. Adrian V Hahlweg

Int Ch. Thisbe V Hahlweg


Ch. Ahrenfeld’s Audi Fox

Ch. Tru-Lov’s Artig Kinderwachter

Ch. Morgenwald’s Cat Balou



Ch. Truwick’s Kasual Romance


Ch. Truwick Yards of Rough Burlap

Ch. Deepdale’s Diamond Head CD

Truwick’s Keynote Speaker


Truwick’s Xcuses Xcuses

Ch. Truwick’s No Time For Sargents

Truwick’s Utter Nonsense








Dinamyt’s Clasik Country Music



Ch. Mandylian Line of Fire


Ch. Morgenwald’s Montana V Kadak

Ch. Skico’s Scorpio V Cimarron

Ch. Morgenwald’s Kaysee V SKico


Ch. Mandylian Diamonds and Dust

Ch. Von Erivic’s Sliber Sturm

Ch. Mandylian Diamonds and Lace




Ch. Patsch Come Blow Your Horn C.G.C.


Ch. Truwick’s City Slicker

Ch. Edel Liebevoll’s Chippewa UD TD CGC

Truwick’s Tome With Love


Truwick’s Kiss The Boys Good Bye

Ch. Truwick Yards of Rough Burlap

Truwick’s Xcuses Xcuses



 Ever is  Ready’s son and a chip off the old block. He has his father’s hard coat and his mother’s sweet attitude. He will do anything to please us. Ever is available to stud approved bitches.