Music was Diane's first show dog and one of her great loves! She was very smart and independent! She loved to play and always ruled the house until the day she died at age 13. 







Ch. Truwick’s City Slicker



Ch. Edel Libevoll’s Chippewa UD TD CGC


Ch. Liebevoll Drambuie De Grille

Ch. Liebevoll’s Mavrick CD

Ch. Liebevoll’s Dolley Madison


Ch. Liebevoll’s Pfenning V Geld

Ch. Baron St Dareyl V Holz

Ch. Tru-Lov’s Seidlog Pampers



Truwick’s Tome With Love


Ch. Liebevoll’s Pfenning V Geld

Int. Ch. Adrian V Hahlweg

Int. Ch. Thisbe V Hahlweg


Ch. Tru-Lov’s Messugina

Ch. Tru-Lov’s Gengis Con

Tru-Lov’s Kettle Drum








Truwick’s Kiss The Boys Good Bye



Ch. Truwick Yards of Rough Burlap


Ch. Deep dale’s Diamond Head CD

Ch. Katahdin Kon-Tiki CD

Ch. Patundlis Fancy Free


Truwick’s Keynote Speaker

Ch. Graf V Hahlweg

Truwick’s Unending Pledge




Truwick’s Xcuses Xcuses


Ch. Truwick’s No Time For Sargents

Ch. Meteor V Hahlweg

Ch. Tru-Lov’s Fancyancy


Truwick’s Utter Nonsense

Ch. Tru-Lov’s Magila

Honey V Hahlweg



Ch. Patsch Come Blow Your Horn, CGC