Promise is our special girl. She is working on completing her Grand Championship and then wants to retire to the bed in our house. She is the protector of all critters in our yard and will try her best to stop the other dogs from killing them.







Ch. Skico’s Raffles V Morgenwald



Ch Grenadier V Hahlweg


Int. Ch. Adrian V Hahlweg

Ch. Lux V Mirako

Int. Ch. Inki V Hahlweg


Int. Ch. Thisbe V Hahlweg

Artula Balthassar V Gurlin

Int. Ch. Inki V Hahlweg



Ch. Ahrenfeld’s Audi Fox


Ch.. Tru-Lov’s Artig Kinderwachter

Ch. Erik V Hahlweg

Ch. Jenny V Hahlweg


Ch. Morgenwald’s Cat Balou

Ch. Mardan’s Blackbeard

Ch. Skico’s Alpen Glow








Ch. Skico’s Raffles V Morgenwald



Ch. Truwick Yards of Rough Burlap


Ch. Deep dale’s Diamond Head CD

Ch. Katahdin Kon-Tiki CD

Ch. Patundlis Fancy Free


Truwick’s Keynote Speaker

Ch. Graf V Hahlweg

Truwick’s Unending Pledge




Truwick’s Xcuses Xcuses


Ch. Truwick’s No Time For Sargents

Ch. Meteor V Hahlweg

Ch. Tru-Lov’s Fancyancy


Truwick’s Utter Nonsense

Ch. Tru-Lov’s Magila

Honey V Hahlweg



Ch. Patsch Any Time Any Place