Ch. Dinamyt’s Ever Ready V Patsch



Ch. Patsch Any Time Any Place


Ch. Skico’s Raffles V Morgenwald

Ch. Grenadier V Hahlweg

Ch. Ahrenfeld’s Audi Fox


Ch. Truwick’s Kasual Romance

Ch. Tru-Lov’s Artig Kinderwachter

Ch. Morgenwald’s Cat Balou



Dinamyt’s Clasik Country Music


Ch. Mandylian Line of Fire

Ch. Morgenwald’s Montana V Kadak

Ch. Mandylian Diamonds and Dust

Ch. Patsch Come Blow Your Horn C.G.C.

Ch. Truwick’s City Slicker

Truwick’s Kiss The Boys Good Bye








Ch. Asgard Rose Garden


Ch. Halcyon Nicholas Nickleby


Asgard Miller Time

Ch. Centara Canicula Derondo

Ch. Argenta’s Zoe Zezanna


Ch. Flay-Goon’s Ronja Rovardotter

Casso’s Baldur

Halcyon’s Greta Garbo




Asgard Oriana Zezanna


Ch. Startide Anakin Skywalker

Ch. Asgard Halcyon Apollo

Ch. Katahdin Ocean Pearl


Ch. Argenta’s Zoe Zezanna

Ban De Barbaria

Argenta’s Qlaudia


Dinamyt's Furst Chunk Off THe Old Block

Chunk is a combination of all of our recent breeding. He is a nice robust male and got his name because he felt as heave as two of his siblings! He has just finished maturing and will be seen in the ring trying to get those last 2 majors!